Louise Gaffney

Louise Gaffney is a visual artist and electronic musician from the West of Ireland. With a primary focus on film and sound, she has made significant contributions to the Irish music landscape through collaborations with both local and international artists. Beginning her career by developing work to stretch the music video format, her work is experimental and often mixes hand-rendered processes with digital video. Louise can often be found guest lecturing at NCAD, where she shares her love of filmic experimentation and motion graphics with the students of the Moving Image Design course.

As a composer, she initially gained experience in collaborative projects with Come On Live Long. In recent years Louise has ventured into solo projects, crafting intricately layered soundscapes and using an assortment of synthesizers and tape machines to texture her work. In May 2021, she released her debut solo project, a five-track collection titled “Not Even Here.” This work combines crafted beats with warm synth textures, as a bed for glass-like vocals. Somewhere between soundscapes and songs, the work tries to deconstruct the song format. It’s taped and re-taped, disappearing around the edges.